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Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage

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Hot stone massage therapy is a massage where the therapist holds hot and sometimes cold stones while performing a Swedish or therapeutic massage. The massage is performed using soothing oils and the additional hot stones makes the massage incredibly relaxing.

Our hot stone massage therapists use various strokes and techniques with their hands and stones to treat all your aches and pains. The stones’ heat and energy penetrates deep into the muscles to tighten muscle restrictions with less client discomfort.

Basalt stones are usually used and while they are chalky grey in color, they turn dark when oil is applied to them. The stones are heated to 130 degrees F and strategically placed on the spine and/or between toes for better tissue manipulation. You feel so relaxed as the therapist alternates between hot basalt and cold marble stones that you stop noticing its’ temperature differences

Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

  • 1The alternating warmth and cold helps soothe an aching body.
  • 2Helps in detoxification by increasing lymph flow.
  • 3Boosts blood circulation
  • 4Releases stored tension to help you relax
  • 5Recharges your energy levels
  • 6Recommended for fibromyalgia patients as the heat does not necessitate excessive pressure
  • 7Hot and cold stones make it ideal in treating sports or over-use injury

So if you are feeling mentally or physically worn out, and want the perfect massage to help rejuvenate you, a hot stone massage is just what you need. Call us to learn more about hot stone massage therapy and for a consultation.